What is it like to Travel alone?

1) It’s scary, but worth it.
To be without company for 5 days, I remember I was convincing my close friend to join me in someway or the other. When I accidentally met 2 of my old friends at the top, after spending 5 hours talking with them, I just didn’t want them to leave, but the feeling of overcoming that fear of being/left alone is magical. You suddenly feel more confident about yourself by the end of it.

2) You get to see life closely.
There were a lot of moments when I was just sitting near a cliff, having tea and I spent a good amount of time just living in the moment, introspection, no trouble.

3) Because no one is around, you can behave the way you want.
By the second last day of my trip, I never cared what clothes I was wearing, I was not carrying the portable mobile charger, left my bag at the hotel, just money, a phone and a dairy pen. I probably would have left the wallet and the phone if I would have stayed even for a week more.

4) You feel like you are the master of your own life.
On day 3, I rented a bike, went 25 Kms down from Mcleodgunj, visited Tea Garden, Norbulinga temple, Dharamshala Stadium and some things here and there. Came back up to Mcleodgunj, went 10 Kms up to Triund Road, spent 2 hours in peace, came back, returned my bike started walking to my way back to the hotel. I was random, but I was happy. I was doing what I like and no one was stopping me.

5) Some random people that you meet, listen to their stories and you realize there much more to life than having a career and settling down.

I met this girl when I was going to a cafe around midnight as it was dark and the cafe was somewhere up the mountain and you have to climb to reach there, I was just feeling unsure and she came up randomly going to the same cafe. She had a torch but no company, I asked her for the help in return of my company.

It took us 20-25 mins. To find our way up to the cafe, the cafe was bullshit, but that the journey to it was awesome. We went for dinner later.

She was from France, she was teaching to children in an NGO in Kerala, India. She even changed her name to ‘Kalyayini’ an Indian name, she became vegetarian , left drinks. The only purpose in her life was to do something for the Indian society.

6) Things/Places we find ourself are much more fascinating that been told about.

I enjoyed much more on a random cliff than at Dal Lake.

Some tips to make your journey better

1) Travel without purpose. That only difference between a tourist and a traveler is the purpose. A tourist is searching for a destination for a traveler every place is a destination.

Be happy where ever you are, even if you missing the most beautiful monument in the world be content with it. Be in the moment.

2) Don’t burden yourself. Let it go.

3) Whenever you feel insecure try to overcome it. Don’t let it dominate you and your actions.

Whatever you are searching it is lying inside you somewhere, you will find it 🙂


Are you Solo?



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What do I want in return?

When you are done with your trip you do the same thing to another stranger who is afraid to travel solo, by sharing your experience, knowledge and wisdom and help him/her overcome the fear. Simple 🙂

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The feeling of meeting yourself!!

The idea is when we throw our-self all alone without purpose-in the middle of no where, we meet our-self. 


Why without purpose?

I believe solo traveling is a distant cousin to meditation. Considering you did the right things. The only reason you have to travel without purpose is because you need to shift your focus from your current/ongoing agenda (of completing one task and jumping to another) to yourself.

I can do the same thing at home? Why solo-travel?

Extremely short answer: – No, you can’t.

Short answer: – Yes, you can’t but have you till now?

Elaborate answer: – Your home is your comfort zone and there are enough things to distract you. There is a reason it’s called home. You need to throw yourself into an environment that is distant and unknown. Having said that, start with a short trip to the outskirts of your city, maybe where you have never been before. In a new environment you will never be bored. You at least take 24-48 hours to understand and be comfortable in that environment. There is literally no scope of boredom. For people who think there is nothing to do when traveling solo. That’s actually what you have to do Nothing.  In short, solo travels, it’s more about spending time with yourself and with long solo trips, it’s more about creating a routine in that environment.  More about that later.

The idea is when we throw our-self all alone without purpose-in the middle of nowhere, we meet ourselves. Every other time in our mind is occupied/focused on a purpose, finding a place, eating, working, talking, reaching, surfing etc. But when we are all alone in an alien environment doing nothing, we meet our-self and we start noticing our behavior, reflecting on our behavior, values and start evaluating our life and actions more honestly, it is when we truly understand ourself.

Once in a while it is extremely important to throw our-self in-front of our-self.

Have a date with yourself someday and truly understand your existence.

EzcapeIt 🙂